A Clean Boat is an Effective Way to Social Distance: Good Advice and Shamless Plug

With large public events being canceled due to concerns over coronavirus COVID-19, boating is perhaps the most enjoyable way to spend time with immediate family while still social distancing. Even away from the crowds, there are still everyday germs to contend with on a boat. You can sanitize the boat using a quality boat soap, plenty of clean rinse water, and a good polish.


Shurhold, a leading manufacturer of marine cleaning and maintenance products, has a detailed video at https://shur.tips/ that’ll show you how it’s done.


At home, you probably like to take care that the cleaning product for your find woods doesn’t stain the carpet or upholstery. But on a boat, almost every exterior surface is designed to get wet, so it’s fast and easy to use a good quality boat soap, like Shurhold’s Brite Wash, and liberal amounts of rinse water.


Because of the makeup of soap, it actually breaks apart the virus and dissolves the bond between the virus and the surface where it's residing. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this makes it more effective at combatting COVID-19 than alcohol or disinfectants. This makes it ideal for hands and large areas of a boat such as foredecks and cockpit soles.

There's little doubt that bleach kills germs. Bleach wipes are extremely handy to use and disinfect areas quickly. But it can also quickly degrade gelcoat and vinyl, discolor paint and corrode boat fittings. Simply use boat soap to clean and protect these surfaces.


If harsher chemicals are used, only wipe the high-touchpoint areas. It's important to immediately rinse with fresh water and dry with a chamois. As a final step, detail with a product like Shurhold Serious Shine, which reduces the caustic effect of the chemicals and protects surfaces against the harmful effects of UV rays.


Serious Shine is simply sprayed on and wiped off with a clean microfiber cloth. Once the solution begins to disappear, the cloth is flipped and the area lightly buffed. The result is a deep, germ-free, clean, attractive high gloss finish and no greasy residue.


Our friends at Shurhold provide lots of tips for boat cleaning, what we like to refer to as “value preservation,” as well as the products to get the job done.

For the cleaning we’ve been discussing, try a 32 oz. bottle of Brite Wash at $11.98; a 14 oz. spray can of Shurhold Serious Shine for $16.98; and a Microfiber Towel Variety 3-pack at $19.98.


See? Your boat can be safe and clean without breaking the bank.

And, as we've said many times: If you can find some great professionals who'll happily clean your boat from top to bottom here.


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