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This will be a departure from all things lakes and boats.


If you spend time on Lake Norman, music is probably part of your day. This is about what you should be listening to while you’re there.

 While you might not be aware of it, Lake Norman has its own radio station: 94.7 The Point. How many lakes have their own radio station?


On The Point, there’s something for everybody. On what other radio station can you hear Frank Sinatra, The Temptations, Patsy Cline, The Eagles, Otis Redding and Madonna in the same music set?


The station’s owner, Joshua Pierce, says good music is good music, regardless of genre or time. And The Point plays good music. The best music. Whatever the station is playing at the moment, you’re never more than five or ten minutes away from something you love.


And all commercial free!


A Lake Norman radio station? How did this happen? Joshua Pierce is chief engineer for a number of major market radio stations. He knows how to build radio stuff and repair radio stuff. One day, sitting in his home in Mooresville, he thought, “Why doesn’t Mooresville have a good radio station of its own?” So he decided to build one, from the ground up.


The station, transmitter and tower are all at his home. He put the station on the air in the Spring of 2015.


And where was the music going to come from? Joshua owns a massive collection of 60,000 recordings, 2,400 of which are in hot rotation on The Point. Those 2,400 songs mean a great variety of music.


As they say on those late night direct-response commercials, “But wait, there’s more!” It’s not just about the music. This is no rinky-dink operation. The Point is slick and professional. As good as any, and better than many of the stations in Charlotte.


The DJs? No radio wannabes. The Point’s air talent features veteran major market personalities, such as Chuck Boozer, Uncle Joe and Arroe Collins. They all have radio day jobs, then go to work for The Point. Because they love the station.

By JPaul Henderson

In Mooresville? And commercial-free? How can this be?


Because nobody gets paid. It’s an all volunteer radio station. The owner, Joshua Pierce, his lovely wife Grayson, who handles all the station’s business, the production crew, and the DJs – all work for free – just to give Mooresville and Lake Norman a great radio station. The Point keeps its head above water from listener donations. It’s a labor of love by all concerned.


While you can listen to the station from anywhere in the world on the Internet, its local signal doesn’t have great reach. Anywhere on the lake, south to Davidson and north to near Statesville. This is due to its tower location. A backyard isn’t an ideal location for a radio tower.


The Pierces have asked to City of Mooresville to allow them to put their antenna on top of one of the various towers or buildings in the area, or other advantageous locations, which would increase the station’s signal strength and reach. No interest. No help. Joshua can’t figure out why the city seemingly has no interest in helping a local radio station, especially a non-profit one, even when it would cost the city nothing to do so. Hmmm. Government. Need I really say more?


So … next time you’re in Mooresville, at the lake, or on the lake, tune into 94.7 The Point and give your ears – and soul – a treat. A whole crew of radio professionals doing it all for you – for free. And if you like what you hear, you might want to send them a few bucks to keep it going.


And if you have a business in Mooresville, you might want to consider becoming a corporate underwriter/partner. For a small donation to the cause, you get fifteen-second promotional messages, along with a thank-you for helping. This is as close to advertising as the station gets.


You can contact the station by sending an email to the fore-mentioned lovely Miss Grayson at Love the music and DJs, make suggestions or requests, or become a partner.


94.7 The Point. The little radio station that could.



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