Something Different: American Marine Liquidators

By JPaul Henderson

Today, retail has become sterile and bland. Everything’s a chain or franchise … and oh, so safe and predictable. I like shopping in interesting, one-of-a-kind, quirky places. The kinds of shops one can find in Charleston, Savannah, Asheville or lower Manhattan.


A quick story to help you understand why I find American Marine Liquidators so interesting.


Some years ago, I lived in a luxurious condominium in a very upscale neighborhood in Pittsburgh. Beautiful houses and elegant apartments everywhere. Except one place, Grace’s Store.


Grace’s occupied a little, ramshackle, one-story building directly across the street from the high-rise building I called home. And I shopped there almost daily. Even if I didn’t need anything. A sampling of what you could buy at Grace’s: Exotic foods such as pickled tongue, chopped liver, and caviar; paint; books and music; hardware; cool clothing and tubes for your radio or television. (Remember tubes?) Grace had two or three of everything anyone would ever need. And she was a hoot!


American Marine Liquidators is the Grace’s Store of boating. Like Grace, Randy Salter, the owner of American Marine Liquidators is a hoot. A bona-fide, qualified, certified, notarized, and authorized character. Not your typical boat dealer.


Here’s where American Marine Liquidators gets interesting: First, the selection of boats. He has nearly 200 in stock as I write this, ranging in price from $900 to $90,000.


Some new, but mostly used. Some slightly used and some very used, and every kind imaginable. He has fishing boats, pontoon boats, sail boats, and cabin cruisers. Randy currently has about forty of the big dogs on the yard and ready for your consideration.


But it’s not just boats. When you visit American Marine Liquidators, you’ll also find a pretty good selection of nice cars (currently about 30 of them), campers, motorcycles, and other assorted things.

There’s even a tour bus, as of this writing.

Because Randy also likes to trade. Have something you don’t need that you’d like to trade for a boat? Randy’s your go-to guy. If he thinks he can re-sell it, he’ll make you a deal on a boat. And he’ll trade for almost anything. Three times he’s traded boats for airplanes, and once even traded for a condominium. So, you can shop for a car, RV, Jet Ski, boat trailer or motorcycle, as well as a boat.


In business since 1991 and sitting on an expansive seven acres of land, American Marine Liquidators is something that’s becoming an endangered species in America these days: An honest-to-goodness family operated business. It’s Randy, his wife Angela, and their two sons.


Randy isn’t just a wheeler-dealer. He also services what he sells … or what you bought elsewhere … and his service department is open six days a week, even through the Winter. Just need a part? He has them, too. A couple trailer loads of them.


He also has a social conscience. After 911, he decided to raise money for the families of the victims … in his own skewed-to-the-edge way. He sponsored a big poker run on Lake Norman and raised about $20,000 for the Red Cross in a matter of hours. And just to make it interesting, a bevy of Hooter’s Girls were along to help.


Please note that my liking Randy and American Marine Liquidators is not to show favoritism or disparage the other boat dealers in the area, most of whom do a very fine job. I like American Marine Liquidators because it’s unique.


So ...


Should you buy your next boat … or anything else … from Randy at American Marine Liquidators? Your call. But I think a visit to his business will not be soon forgotten. There’s nothing else quite like it.

American Marine Liquidators is located at 4879 North NC Highway 16 in Denver. Or take a look on-line at

Randy & Angela



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